Outfit | Dancing in the meadows

Once in a while you gotta try something new. Of course that can include various parts of your life but in this post I want to narrow it down to this outfit in particular and to how it came together in the first place.

Well, let’s see what’s so new about this look then. I originally wanted to wear this cute bell sleeve blouse with a for me very typical skinny jean but since it was sunny out and I felt like wearing something “lighter”. Therefore, after digging through my closet I decided to go for the boyfriend jean instead! And guess what? It turned out to be a great decision! The lose fit and holes in them made the warm weather more tolerable and further, the rather elegant blouse and casual jean created a great contrast in my eyes. And what can I say? The colors match perfectly too!

As for the accessories it’s always one decision for me: silver or gold? I obviously went for the gold at the end, after picking out my favorite belt and my vintage LV purse which both happened to look really well together. Take my golden Ray Bans and some golden rings – and the look is complete!

Even though you can’t see what I’m wearing on my feet I’m still gonna tell you! 😀 It’s a simple pair of white espadrille sneakers, the pair I already wore in my previous post (check them out here: Places | A day in Bressanone). They somehow give me extreme summer vibes and do not only look cool, but are really comfortable, too!

The location itself was not hard to find. It’s right around the corner of where I live! I’ve been driving by this field everyday and kept watching it growing and slowly coming to life. As soon as it started blooming I knew right away that I had to shoot in there. So here you go! Let me know what you like the most (or even least!) about this look or simply say hello in the comments! 🙂


Shop this look!

Blouse: Dani

Boyfriend Jeans: Mango (similar here)

Belt: Abercrombie&Fitch (similar here)

Purse: Louis Vuitton (different model)

Glasses: Ray Ban


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