Places | A day in Bressanone

It’s always a good feeling to be home. Mostly we head south for a weekend only and because of that limited time span we try to make these days as productive as possible. One thing that’s always on the agenda is driving to Bressanone, a nearby town. And when we are there, we always make sure to stop at the following two places:

Alter Schlachthof and Brix 0.1, two rather new restaurants/bars in the city. The order in which we attend them really doesn’t matter, as both their kitchens are open from breakfast ’til dinner.

This time, though, we decided to have coffee at Alter Schlachthof first. Literally translated, the name means old butchery and that’s what it used to be for decades before being transformed into this new hot spot not long ago. The interior vaguely reminds of those days, featuring an industrial and minimalistic design all over.


After running some errands we then headed to Brix 0.1 for lunch which I would consider the slightly fancier place of the two – location as well as price wise. It is located in a little park a little outside of the old town center directly by a pond. It’s quiet, idyllic and simply beautiful. This place too, looks really modern but in a more sophisticated way. Playful shapes and bold colors create an interesting atmosphere and the friendly service is always refreshing. Since it was a nice day we decided to sit on their generous terrace and I picked the Gnocchetti sardi allo scoglio (seafood pasta) while my mom went for the Beef Tartar. Of course we wouldn’t have skipped the aperitivo and so we tried their monthly special, a mix of pineapple juice, prosecco and thyme oil – a surprisingly delicious and refreshing combination!


And to wrap things up, here are some shots of the look I wore that day. Many of you asked me about the top on Instagram already and I therefore wanted to link it in this post but… truth is, I bought it in the States about 3 years ago and unfortunately I haven’t been able to find it anywhere online yet. I will keep on looking even though I’m not sure that it’s still being sold anywhere. However, I’ll keep you posted on it! 🙂

PS: This actually happens quite a lot, which is why I often suggest you similar pieces in the Shop this look section. With this outfit it was the case with almost every piece since they’re not brand new collections and the online stores get updated on a quite frequent basis. Hope you understand! xo


Shop this look!

Top: Michael Kors

Jeans: DANI

Sneakers: Superga (similar here)

Belt: Tommy Hilfiger (similar)

Purse: Kate Spade (similar)

Glasses: Ray Ban


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