Outfit | Rosé, s’il vous plaît!

Hello my dears, can you recall me mentioning that there were going to be 2 other posts on our weekend trip to Italy? Yes? Well, this is one of them and it’s also going to be a pretty short one. Thinking of my latest post (Story | DM Blogger Event 2017) I feel like you definitely deserve a little break from me typing my life away and therefore, I decided to show you this outfit instead that I wore on our last evening in Jesolo. Lean back and enjoy!

There has definitely been a noticeable pattern in my latest outfits.

I haven’t quite realized it until my last proper blog management session a couple days ago. I have noticed that somehow the color rosé seems to creep its way into my looks  almost every time. Huh. I’ve always liked this color but never really wore it since I normally like to stick to more basic colors. But ever since I got my beloved pair of Michael Kors sneakers in that exact color a few months ago I’ve been looking for ways to match them in as many different ways as possible.

It was luck that I had a Furla purse in a similar tone sitting at home,

and pure coincidence that soon afterwards I spotted this awesome scarf in a Liu Jo store. For this look, I combined all of these accessories with my new skinny jean that I bought during our stay in Italy and my (also new) off-the-shoulder Blouse from Mango, that is definitely ranked in the top 3 of my favorite spring wears. It combines everything I love: the naked shoulders, the white blouse material, cute bows on the wristbands. I can’t wait to try out styling this one in different ways as well!

We were headed to a restaurant for dinner that evening, strolling along the beach. Well, to be exact it was only the 3 women of us: my mom, my brother’s girlfriend and me. The men preferred taking the car and, quite luckily, that gave us the chance to take the following photos in peace, without having them breathing down our necks, complaining all the time. 😉

Now I’d like to know: What do you think of this every day look and what’s your opinion on the color rosé? Is it something you like to wear as well? Tell me in the comments! 🙂


Shop the look!

Blouse: Mango

Jeans: Dani

Sneakers: Michael Kors

Purse: Furla (similar)

Scarf: Liu Jo (similar here)

Watch: Liu Jo

Glasses: Dior (similar)


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