Outfit | Catch me by the sea

As I’m typing this I’m sitting by the pool, overlooking the nearly empty beach and the endless Adriatic sea behind it. Today the sky is a spotless blue and the sun’s blazing down on us with all its power. Yesterday? Uhh, not so much. But of course that didn’t keep us from going for a beach walk anyway and – as usual – shooting some photos along the way! *winks*

Today: Allright, allright. To be honest I meant to post this 2 days ago but don’t you kinda agree that it’s a little rude to take your laptop out while you’re chilling with your family by the pool? Yes? Thank you. So that’s why I only managed to write some bits now and then in between our sauna- and pool-sessions. Anyway, now that I’m home again I’m taking some proper time to add the photos and round things up a little bit.

2 days ago: We left Vienna on Friday morning – 4am sharp, to be exact – before the sun was even up. I barely got a minute of sleep because I came home late from the DM Blogger Event and – as usual – haven’t packed my suitcase yet. So that took me quite a while and afterwards I was still so excited from the night’s event that the afterwaves of it wouldn’t let me fall asleep at a decent hour. Thankfully my brother hates my driving (he insists I almost got the whole family killed once because I took a highway exit too fast (obviously he’s exaggerating)) so at least that saved me from fighting to stay awake and I got to take a couple much needed naps along our 6 hour drive to Jesolo, Italy.

We arrived here around 10am yesterday morning and were bummed out to be faced with a chilly weather including a heavy wind, sky covered with clouds and even a few raindrops. Most fortunately the Falkensteiner – which is an amazing place, by the way, I will definitely write you a proper Hotel review sometime next week – has a beautiful indoor spa where we could escape the icky weather.

However, as dinner time approached, the sky started to clear up a little bit and even the wind was reduced to nothing more than the usual breeze you get on the seaside. So we decided to take a short walk before heading to the restaurant – and this is the outfit I wore! I don’t know why but this chilly beach day screamed for a comfy knit and boyfriend jean. My love for ruffles is everlasting so it’s no big surprise that I got this new blouse just a couple days ago and further, I’m really excited that I could finally take out my espadrilles again as they’re my favorite summer shoe wear – followed right by my beloved wedges. 😉 Let me know what you think of this look, does your brother hate your driving too and most importantly, what is your favorite summer outfit that you’re looking forward to the most?


Shop this look!

Ruffled Blouse: MANGO

Knit Cardigan: Hollister (similar)

Boyfriend Jeans: ZARA

Espadrilles: Buffalo (similar here)

Handbag: Michael Kors (similar)

Belt: Aigner (similar)

Watch: LiuJo


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