Outfit | You got me wrapped up

Long time no outfit, I know! But I’m finally back with a new post and this time I’d like to present you an outfit I wore the other day, how it came together and why I love it so much! 🙂

You know I’m always completely honest with you guys. And today that’s not gonna change, so let me tell you about the special kind of hate I have developed for ironing my clothes. Yes, I do my own laundry for the most part – an arrangement my mom and me came up with ever since I quit my bank job last year, what (she says) gained me more time to help out at home. Not that I didn’t do that already but anyway, now ironing simply got added to the list.

And now let’s talk about another habit of mine that is known to cause some trouble every once in a while: procrastinating. As with studying, cleaning my room – and now also ironing – I always tend to postpone the work to a later point up until I can’t ignore it anymore… but then the workload is almost impossible to manage – at least within a decent amount of time. So when I opened my closet one morning this week I was confronted with a yawning void. Since there was no time to iron an outfit quickly I had to improvise and put something together with the clean (and ironed) pieces I had left.

And believe it or not: this was the result! Actually, that situation had something positive about it. Not only do I like the outfit that resulted out of it but I was also confronted with wearing things I hadn’t worn in a long time and that were basically just collecting dust in the back of my closet. I thought I did some pretty good job at spring cleaning when I sold half of my winter wardrobe in March but apparently it’s time to clean out my summer wardrobe as well! (Next flea market event is already marked in my calendar for August. 😉 )

I feel like I haven’t worn this skirt or shirt in ages and I guess it must be true because I honestly can’t recall the last time they saw daylight. The purse I borrowed from my mom because I thought it matched perfectly with my new Michael Kors sneakers. And the wrap? This one I got online from Romwe, and I like wearing it a lot, especially with skirts or dresses! So now tell me: what do you think of this outfit? And please tell me that I’m not the only one who’s turned procrastinating into an extreme sport!!! 😀

DSC_1306DSC_1322Version 2

Shop this look!

Wrap: Romwe

Crop Top: H&M (similar here)

Skirt: Abercrombie&Fitch (similar here)

Sneakers: Michael Kors

Purse: Furla (similar)

Sun Glasses: Ray Ban


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