Story | An Easter Saturday well spent

Happy Easter y’all! I hope you got to spend a beautiful weekend with your family and loved ones. Personally, I really enjoyed it this year, especially last saturday. In this post I’ll tell you what our family has been up to that day and show you two of my favorite places in Vienna. 

While christmas is always celebrated at our home in Italy, easter has always been a Vienna-thing. And to keep this little tradition up, dad came to visit us for about a week and we picked out the saturday to spend a little family time together. 🙂

 Our first stop for the day was the relatively new bar/restaurant Graben30, located in the heart of Vienna’s old city center. Since it’s a pretty popular and fancy place we got a reservation for breakfast, thinking that the place will be just as packed in the morning as it usually becomes at night. Surprisingly, we were the only guests that morning! And as for the food and drinks: everything was excellent, especially the prices. They offer a couple of breakfast menus as well as single plates which approximately cost 5-7€. And besides that there’s really nothing that can beat the beautiful view down onto the Graben, a popular shopping street.


Later we ran some errands, got some last easter gifts and then proceeded to walk to my favorite easter market, the Altwiener Ostermarkt auf der Freyung. There’s many reasons why I love it so much: it’s small, unique, traditional and even though it’s packed with tourists I always enjoy walking through the chaotic easter egg assembly in the center of it, picking out 1-2 new eggs every year (after our cat successfully tore down and ruined some the year before). It’s the circle of life, I guess! 😀


As for the outfit, for that day I chose something simple and comfy, wearing my favorite pair of jeans, along with a cute summer top that I combined with a maxi cardigan. I always love to wear my MK purse along with my brown leather oxfords, as they have the almost exact same colour and since it was a little chilly that day I also threw on a LV scarf that I share with my Mom. 🙂



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