Food | Breakfast at Pure Living Bakery

Whether you’re looking for a bright, inspiring place to get some work done, creative and yummy food combinations, or just a nice spot for a quick afternoon coffee  –  the Pure Living Bakery will always be the perfect address for you.This has to be one of the cutest coffee places I know in Vienna. A friend of mine showed me this location about 3 years ago and ever since that day I made sure to come back every once in a while to enjoy these adorable surroundings and everything else they have to offer.

It’s pretty much love at first sight. Even from a distance you can spot the brightly colored signs of the corner café that will make you wonder what other surprises it might behold. And once you step in, there’s no going back – this place will have won your heart within seconds!

The menu is very much inspired by american food, including pancakes, all kinds of bagels and a long list of superfood smoothies and milkshakes. And not to forget their to-die-for freshly made waffles! Delicious cakes and pies to satisfy your sweet tooth are showcased too. Did I forget anything? Well, what can I say… This place has basically everything you could ever ask for. It’s like someone really special decided to just make people happy and then opened this place. *sighs*

Back on track! We had the Californian Breakfast Bagel and the American Pancakes – both really recommendable choices – along with cappuccinos, a mango- and a strawberry-shake. Perfect Combo! I believe we paid about 40€ for all of it. At this point I should probably also mention that it’s that kind of self-service where you order at the counter but they bring the stuff to your table, no big deal.

The staff is young and friendly, and the interior will make you feel like you’re on vacation somewhere far away from your everyday stress and worries. And besides it all being a little pricy – as you might have figured reading the total price above – it’s still the perfect location for various occasions throughout the year. Trust me, it will be absolutely worthwhile!

Honestly, there’s really not much to add up to this, I’d much rather let the photos below do the talking. Enjoy and try not to get too hungry! 🙂

(Find the address at the bottom of this post)


They have two locations in Vienna!

This is the one I always go to:

Burggasse 68, 1070 Vienna (Near Museum Quarter)

The other address is:

Altgasse 12, 1130 Vienna (Near Schönbrunn Palace)


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