Lifestyle | My goals for 2017

New year – new me, amiright?

Nah, who am I trying to fool here. I’m pretty sure I won’t turn into a fitness model by summer and neither will I suddenly start writing A’s at university. But once in a while it’s a good feeling to sit down and redefine your goals, I bet we can all agree on that. And what better opportunity is there than the new year?

On top of my list: “Next year, post the resolutions sooner”.

Jokes aside, I’ve been making up my goals for 2017 in my mind for the past month but have simply never gotten around to take the time and properly write them down. You gotta know: I’m not a big fan of vaguely worded goals like “Lose weight”. That stuff gets me frustrated. Like: How do you want to lose it? When?? Where??? I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna lose it pretty soon.

And that’s exactly the reason why I try to set myself clear and realistic goals, with the small steps on the road in sight. To get a clearer picture of it all I even decided to categorize it up a little bit, so here ya go! 🙂

1. Fashion

1. As for fashion I definitely want to be bolder. Even though I like my style, it could definitely get a little touch up. I always do my best to go with the trends and this year I want to take the time to experiment around a little bit and maybe find a whole new direction in fashion for me. My goal here would be to skim through fashion magazines and read other people’s blogs to find out what the trends are and then create a list of things that do not exist in my closet yet. Speaking of which…

2. My closet is exploding. On top of my To-do-list for this year is also sorting out my old and unworn clothes and then drag them to a flea market. I’ve been trying to sell some stuff online during the past years and it’s been going quite well – but just the thought of having to take any more photos and typing another description makes me squirm. Not to forget the walk to the post office every time. I feel like selling the stuff personally and from hand to hand would be such a more effective way! And I already did a little research on that. At the end of february there’ll be a blogger flea market on my university campus. This could be faith trying to tell me something!

3. In connection to the goals above is reinventing my wardrobe. And by that I hope that once all the unneeded stuff is gone I can take some time to combine new pieces and creating new outfits in my head. Most of the time when I get dressed in the morning I’m in such a hurry that I don’t even get to think about my outfit twice so naturally I grab the things I’m used to and that I know look well together. I definitely wanna change that habit one step at a time!

2. Travelling

1. Oh, I would have so many travel goals but the main goal this spring is probably the girls-trip to Amsterdam I want to make happen with my best friend. So organizing that should obviously not be missed on this list (haha, that rhymed!). Then I definitely want to travel south to Torino, where a good friend of mine is studying. I’ve actually never been to that place and maybe this could be a great chance for a little roadtrip with a few other stops along the way. In addition to that, other cities that I’d like to visit this year are Hamburg, another city I haven’t been to yet, and London, which I fell in love with during my first visit.

2. Go on more roadtrips. There are so many cool cities and places to spend your weekend at around Vienna. And with my friends and me all having a car it most definitely shouldn’t be a problem to make a short trip happen. And if we can find cheap train or airplane tickets – even better then! This, of course, would also be something I could write about on the blog. I feel like I’ve neglected the travel section a bit and would therefore like to work on that as well.

3. Plan a big and different summer vacationThis also made my list this year because last summer I missed out on that. I had an internship over 2 months and couldn’t join my friends on their trip to Italy in August… Can you imagine how bummed out I was? So that’s why I decided to make it happen this year. I already have the right people together now we only need to come up with an awesome destination and a date. 😉

3. Fitness

1. I know, I barely talk about fitness but that’s simply because I don’t know much about it. But I like doing sport and plan on keeping my gym rhythm up this year. My goal is to do 3 gym visits a week, each on pre-fixed days, without excuses. It’s been working pretty well throughout the last year but the past few months were a little messed up due to traveling a lot and stressful periods university. But I’m already back on track and motivated to keep on going!

2. Pick up dance classes. I used to dance since I was 9 and kept going until I turned 18. What then followed was a 2 year break caused by university, work and consequentially a great loss of time and motivation. This year though, I’d like to pick this hobby up again and remember why it’s been a passion all my life. Not only do I hope that this will boost my spirits, but also my fitness.

3. At this point, I would also like to say “eat healthy and clean” but I know myself well enough to say that that’s not really going to happen. First of all, I think I eat pretty healthy already if you ignore the little sins along the way – but come on, who doesn’t cheat once in a while? And further, I’m just not ready to give up on certain foods yet, take carbs for an example… (hmmm…potatoes…). So I basically just want to stick to my actual food plan and to my pretty effective theory of not even shopping unhealthy stuff because once it’s in your kitchen it’s most definitely gonna be eaten at some point!

But a goal that I did set for myself was to cut off sodas and drink more water. That should be pretty do-able, don’t you think so? At least it’s a good start!

4. Lifestyle

1. Get more sleep. I don’t have a terrible sleeping rhythm if you compare it to other people, but it sure isn’t ideal. It’s a proven fact that I’m not a morning person but maybe going to sleep 1 hour sooner might already make a little difference in that. I should definitely experiment with my sleeping hours and see what works best for me. I’m gonna start off with 7 hours and see how that goes.

2. Be more organized. Not only physically (seriously, my room is a mess), but also mentally. I’m a very lively person and sometimes I feel like even my thoughts stumble over each other and then roll down the hill in a tangled mess. I should think about methods to sort my thoughts and be more mindful. One option could be giving meditation or yoga a try.

3. Stop procrastinating.  I want to stick more to my study-plans. I’m – sadly enough – a leave it to the last minute-person which has shown to be a serious problem in the past, especially when it comes to studying for important exams. Every exam week I keep saying “Next time I’ll start revising sooner” and in 2017 I actually wanna pull this off!

5. Blogging

1. Of course I’ve also set myself goals for this website. On top of that list is definitely start posting more regularly as I haven’t quite developed a routine yet. The goal would be to post 3 times a week, but of course that needs to happen step by step. And so far, I feel like I’m pretty much getting there! My blog schedule for the next few weeks is already written down and I tried to keep it as realistic as possible so I should really be able to pull this off.

2. Add new categories, like fitness and beauty. I’m already in the progress of planning this big step, so you can be sure that this is gonna be happen pretty soon. Or well, at least in the next few months. These things take time, you know. Since more and more people keep asking me about my gym and what my workouts consist of I now decided to document things like that on the blog this year. As for the beauty section I have a surprise in store for you, but you’ll find out about that soon enough. 😉

3. Network more. That is pretty much self-explanatory. I absolutely want to get together with other Bloggers, Photographers and Influencers from my city and maybe even develop projects together. I feel like this is going to be one of the hardest goals as it takes time to develop a solid connection and trustworthy relationship. But every day I find someone new and interesting on social media and I feel like there’s so much I could learn from other people and maybe even give some advice myself. Blogging is so much about creating a community and I’m ready to expand mine.

4. Go on Facebook. I’ve been wanting to take Fashion to go, pleaseon facebook for a while now but there’s always that little voice that’s holding me back, saying not to do it just yet. I’m still trying to find out what’s exactly making me wait but one thing is for sure: it’s going to happen this year!

Well, here it is. The list. Of course there are gonna be things I will be neglecting and new goals will come with time as well, but at this point I’m really proud of it. But now tell me: What do you think of it? Do you have similar goals or maybe even suggestions considering new ones for me?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this 🙂



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