Update | Winter Wonderland

What’s not to love about winter? Okay I admit it – actually a lot. But why complain all day about all the bad things and not enjoy the nice things that the cold brings with it?

Winter’s gotta be one of the most hated and dreaded seasons, and not without a reason! I mean, I get it, there are the snowy roads for example, not to forget that you have to free your car from the white powder before you can even get going in the morning. And then there’s this bitter coldness that makes your nose, fingers and toes freeze to death. Really, I get it. And I could easily go on and on with this but fact is: not everyone loathes winter.

Take me, for example.

I barely complain about the cold and my friends like to say that it’s because I grew up in the Alps –  well they have a point, but I will never go as far as to say that I love degrees below zero. Neither do I have a garage which means that scraping off the ice from my windshield every morning is in my daily routine. And I like to nag about that a lot.

But still, I like to see the positive sides of each and everything.

Last sunday, Vienna got covered in a thick layer of snow and everyone who knows the city also knows how rarely this happens. So when the clouds moved on and the sun came out, I grabbed my moms (super vintage) ice skates and went over to the nearby pond which was – much to my delight! – totally frozen.

There have already been some families who’ve cleared up big squares of ice from the snow and were playing hockey. Clever idea and lovely to watch. Especially the little ones, barely 1m tall, who skated way better than I would have ever dared to dream of. When did we stop to be curious like children and try something new? *takes mental note*

Anyway, at first a little uneasy I walked on the ice and tried to get used to the weird sensation of the hard, slippery ground underneath. It must’ve been a couple years since I’ve last skated so you can probably imagine that it took me some time to get adjusted. Sooner than I expected, however, my mind seemed to remember the muscle motions and I started to skate around.

And I’m proud to say that I didn’t even fall once! *taps own shoulder* 🙂

Of course this was all the magic of the first snow. I’m pretty sure that in a couple of weeks, maybe even days, my enthusiasm will fade and I will eventually complain about the actual conditions again. But in the meantime I plan on taking many walks outside and maybe go ice skating again.

And I advice you to do the same!
Wrap yourself up, don’t just sit at home. Discover winter’s beauty and fun activities! 🙂

Here are some snapshots we took during that afternoon. But now tell me: how did you spend your weekend? And what winter activity is your favorite?


Leave me a comment! :)

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