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I need your help, guys! It’s finally christmas and after freaking out about school, getting presents and so on – it’s now also the time to get a new agenda for 2017.

This might sound weird, but to me, buying an agenda is a serious topic. I use it on a daily basis and for me it has to be pretty on the outside and functional on the inside. I sticked with the famous Italian paper brand Moleskine for several years in a row before being given one from Nunu Design Company last year. I was so happy with it that I would totally get their new one this year as well but – as so often – Instagram got in my way, giving me so many other ideas and introducing me to so many new brands I’ve never heard of before, that I ended up heading towards a dead end.

So while I’m still totally hung up in my dilemma I decided to share my top 6 agendas with you so you could either give me your opinions and help me pick one out, or find some inspiration yourself! I would love to discuss with you in the comments, so don’t be shy! 🙂

1. Nunuco Design Company (Finland)

I’m starting off with Nunuco because I had (and still have) their 2016 agenda. In general I was really happy with it. Not only do I like their beautiful handdrawn aquarell designs, it also convinced me on the inside.

The paper quality is really nice, which means that the pages are rather thick and with monthly as well as weekly views it was easy to plan things. Since I was really pleased with them this last year their new agenda is definitely a strong candidate among my 6 picks. Oh, and did I already mention that it comes with stickers? 😀

Comes in 2 different designs.
Cost: 34€

This is what the new design would look like:

2. MiGoals (Australia)

Another thing I like doing is writing lists. There’s nothing as satisfying – well, almost nothing – as crossing off to-do lists and feeling productive at the end of the day.

I feel like MiGoals definitely supports that in every way. Their agendas give you the possibility to set personal goals, no matter if short-, mid- or longterm! Its clever layout always keeps your plans in sight and motivational quotes inspire you to get out of your comfort zone. The design is much more plain and definitely less playful than the one at Nunuco. But with its love for functional detail and focus on the owner’s achievements it definitely makes up for that.

Comes in different designs, sizes and colors .
Cost: 25-35€

3. Ein Guter Plan (Germany)

This is something for my german speaking readers. Ein guter Plan is something like the german version of MiGoals. Now of course the design is completely different but yet they both have the same concept: setting goals and keeping track of them.

I kinda like the simplicity of this one but it seems to be a lot of work keeping it updated. Now probably that’s the goal: to take 5-10mins at the end of every day to evaluate the progress and productivity but as I’m writing this I can somehow sense – and my inner sloth agrees – that I will be working really hard on this for the first couple months or so and then eventually keep getting less mindful. But it’s still on my list of possibilities and even if I might not end up buying it, one of you now might! 🙂

Comes in different designs and colors
Cost: 25€

Take a closer look at the clever layout:

4. kikki.K (Sweden)

This one reminds me a little of Nunuco’s concept. Kikki.K‘s products are more playful than the two previous examples, with all the important assets, though!

With extra sections for lists, priority tasks and other features this has sort of won me over. In addition it contains monthly quotes and a gratitude diary, only to mention two of its unique features. What I also like is that it has spirals, what I’m missing though are bookmarks and a strap that keeps the whole agenda closed and together. Not that I couldn’t add those myself but I’m just pointing out the facts here. 😉

Not to forget, this is only one of kikki.K’s agendas, they have plenty of other designs on their website which are worth a look!

Comes in one color and 2 sizes
Cost: 25€

5. Jo&Judy (Germany)

Jo&Judy have been celebrating a little Instagram hype lately. That’s also how I got to know them and when I had a look at their website I started to realize why people liked their products so much.

Besides the adorable design it’s the love for the little things I like about this agenda. This is the only one out of the five that has a finance planner included as well as a timetable for school. Besides that, they’re pretty much all the same when it comes to monthly and weekly views. The only contra part: It doesn’t have a book mark.

Comes in 2 different colors.
Cost: 28,90€

6. Kate Spade, New York

And last but not least comes this little beauty here. I am a big fan of Kate Spade‘s, not only their purses but also their stationery. It is unique and pretty in a very sophisticated way, which can also be seen on the inside. This agenda is held very simple and practical, unlike some of the examples above. And I have to admit that I like the combination of it: the playfulness on the outside and he minimalistic interior.

This one, too, does  not come with a book mark and another new thing to me is that it lasts for 17 months, not only 12 like the other ones I listed.

Comes in 2 different designs and sizes.
Cost: around 30$

I can only repeat: I’m having a really hard time picking out one of these. And in the meantime I’d like to know from you:

Which one is your favorite? And why?
Are there maybe other suggestions you could give me? I would be more than glad!


Leave me a comment! :)

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