Story | Getting cozy with Hunkemöller

After another stressful and nerve wrecking exam week I felt the urge to reward myself. Not with chocolate, not with a bottle of wine – nope. I wanted to reward myself in the girliest way possible and get something nice and cute for myself only. One day later I found myself in the Hunkemöller store, picking out a new pajama (which was much needed anyway), a matching bra, fuzzy socks and a hot-water bottle. Oooh yeeeah.

You have to know: I wasn’t always the cute pajama type of girl. I usually wear oversized shirts and/or yoga shorts to sleep – well you know, stuff I feel comfortable in. Anyways, I believe that I can speak for many people when I say that out of everything you own, there is always that one nice piece. Whether it’s that one nice bra you only wear on special occasions or that one nice blouse that should never be wasted by being worn on an ordinary day. Can you relate? However, at one point these past weeks I came to realize that I didn’t own that one nice pajama. I was actually surprised. Of course I do not only sleep in t-shirts and own other pajamas too, but somehow it’s been quite a while since I got a new one… How that could happen I do not know, but I made sure to change the situation as quickly as possible.

Hunkemöller had every type of pajamas you could imagine. The scale went from: “Fuzzy, totally unattractive onesies with cat ears” to “Sexy and almost invisible nothings” that couldn’t have weighed 100 grams. I decided to go with the middle, which happened to be a set consisting of a silky, long sleeved buttoned shirt and cute shorts. The matching bra was a nice feature to it and as usual I couldn’t resist the fuzzy socks that were hung next to the cash desk. In the last second I tore them from their stand and slammed them on the counter, smiling sweetly at the sales lady who looked rather stupefied.

Now to the only piece I haven’t mentioned yet: the hot-water bottle. Was it necessary? Absolutely not. Did I get it because it was fuzzy and super cute? Well, DUH!
Fuzzy little somethings are a weakness of mine that I admit to 100%. And besides that I’m sure that I’ll use the bottle plenty of times this winter, because who doesn’t love a warm belly on a cold winter night? That’s right, hehe. 🙂

Take all that stuff and a nice breakfast in bed and you’ll get the best reward ever. At least that’s what it was for me and if I haven’t quite convinced you yet, then maybe the following photos will!

But what about you? What one nice piece do you have and how do you like to reward yourself? Tell me in a comment! 🙂


Shop this look!



Hot-Water Bottle

Fuzzy Socks



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