Outfit | Ruffled Culottes in Milano

What a great feeling that is: Exam week is over, a new semester has started and I’ve finally got the time to catch up on all the things that have been standing on my to-do list for weeks. I just realized that I haven’t even told you about my trip to Milan one month ago so guess what I’m about to do… 😉

Even if the title of this post might make you think that I’ve been running from one fashion show to the next all day long, tipping my taxi drivers extra to make them drive faster as seen in so many countless movies… That was not the case. Unfortunately! It is like really, really hard to get tickets to Milan’s famous fashion shows but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the fashion week’s atmosphere at all.

Chances that you’ll casually run into a famous celebrity or model on the street in those days are very high and I only had the honor to spot some of them from afar.

Anyway, we kicked the day off with – what else – cappuccino and brioche at a street café and that’s when I heard familiar voices. I looked around and sure enough, 2 friends of mine were just walking by our table. I haven’t seen them in almost a year and of course we captured this happy encounter in a photo (see below).

The rest of the day passed by in a haze. We spent most of the time walking down shopping streets, updating our wardrobes with the newest fall fashion and also taking mental notes of potential christmas gifts. 😉

And what would a family trip to Milano be without a lunch at Ravizza’s, which has almost become a small tradition of ours by now? We usually ignore the menu and walk up to their vitrine of different italian starters, pointing our fingers against the glass, signalizing the man behind the counter that we basically wanted a bit of everything. Raising our Aperol Spritz’s we were all secretly glad to have each other but also anxious for the food to come. What can I say? I believe that food brings people together. That and free samples in supermarkets.

But let’s move on to other matters, my outfit for example. I’ve combined two of the latest trends mixing culottes with an extravagant blouse. I got them both in an Italian Shop called Dani in Venice for very reasonable prices! The shoes are – surprise, surprise – from Buffalo. More than half of my shoes are from there by now… But you know what, I’m not even sorry, we all just need to accept the fact that they create great products (you go, guys!). The Necklace is from Mango and my beloved Chanel was there as well. All in all I really liked my outfit that day, especially the culottes were highly comfortable! What do you think of the look? Have you gotten your hands on culottes yet? 🙂

I’ll get back to Uni work, as there’s a lot to do at the moment. In the meantime I hope that you enjoy the photos and as usual, I added a Shop this look! section at the very bottom. Enjoy! 🙂


Shop the look!

Blouse: Dani

Culottes:  Dani (similar)

Shoes: Buffalo Boots London

Bag: Chanel (via Vestiaire Collective)

Necklace: Mango

Glasses: Ray Ban “Aviator”



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