Outfit | Suede meets Leather

What an exciting weekend the last one was! Unfortunately this week’s been so busy that I only now have gotten around to give you a little summary.

My fellow Instagram friends are always the first ones to know what I’m up to (so this will be no news for you guys) but for everyone else, let me write a couple of lines and tell you what has been going on lately…

I spent last weekend in Lugano with the whole family, celebrating my grandmother’s 82th birthday and also taking the chance to visit Milan for the fashion week. It was basically a multitasking trip, all in 2 days!

We landed in Milan friday evening and went to dinner at the Crotto Valtellina, an ordinary looking restaurant owned by a young TV-chef near Varese, Italy. If you ever happen to pass through that area, absolutely make sure to stop by, their food is amazing!

Long story short: we didn’t really do much on friday. On saturday however we had the whole day completely dedicated to the family, going out for lunch with the grandparents and all the aunts and cousins there are. Because of the distance we don’t get to see the “Italian half” of the family very often and that’s why I enjoy it even more when we do.

As every typical Italian family lunch we sat until 5pm, by the time leaning back in our chairs, patting our stuffed bellies. By the time we got back to Lugano the sun was starting to set and we decided to take a walk along the lake shore – also taking the opportunity to capture my look of that day. 🙂


Shop this look!

Jacket: Max&Co


Skirt: Abercrombie&Fitch (similar here)

Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)

Bag: Chanel (via Vestiaire)

Necklace: MANGO

Bracelets & Watch: ALDO Accessories



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