Story | My prom look 2016

It’s showdown for this semester at University right now and the final countdown for finals has started – which is my excuse for the lack of posting lately, since my head and thoughts have been mostly elsewhere.

But as long promised, I still have to tell you about prom night that already seems like it was ages ago. However, this post will finally be all about my hair, the make-up, my dress and the night overall!


I graduated from High School last year and was crowned Prom Queen of 2015 back then. Unlike american proms, it’s not usual in Europe to have a Prom Queen/King, our teachers just introduced it last year for a little entertainment. The court got elected by the teachers and the votings took place directly at prom night, where teachers, students, parents and all the other guests could stick their votecard in the respective box of their favorite.

So anyway, I won last year – much to my surprise – and me and his royal highness of 2015 got asked back to crown this year’s royal pair. Of course we accepted!

I actually didn’t plan to get a new dress this year. I really didn’t! But you know how it goes sometimes… it just sorta happened! 😀 So there I was, with a golden flowy dress that I got complimented on a lot. I spotted it in a bridal studio, which I happened to walk by casually – I swear! – and immediately fell in love with it! It just had to get slightly alternated, and fortunately I had golden high heels at home and they matched perfectly.

The clutch was also a quick find. I was worried that I wouldn’t find a matching purse since the color of the dress is quite “difficult”, being a golden shimmering beige… but fortunately Buffalo, one of my favorite shoe stores, had some in many different colors and I went for the rosé one. Luckily I spotted it the day I went to pick up my dress so I could compare the two colors directly in the store.

About the hair: I got it done at my grandma’s hair salon in the inner city. Not only didn’t it cost me a penny, but I could also give a lot of comments and speak my opinion at any point since my grandmother wouldn’t get offended. I probably wouldn’t have commented that much on my hair when I went to a regular hair stylist – simply because of the fact that I wouldn’t want to tick them off. As simple as that, haha!

The Make Up was a little dilemma. Last year I went to the MAC store in the city centre because they offer a whole Make Up Session when you buy products worth 60€ afterwards. It really is a win win situation – at least to me – since I mainly use Mac Products and would have to stock up at some point anyway and putting it this way, the Session was practically free.

However, since I was very happy with the artist’s job last year I decided to go back to her again but unfortunately she was sick that day so I got a substitute. She seemed really sweet and competent but the final product didn’t quite satisfy me. I’m not gonna elaborate the details but I had to re-do a lot at home, eventhough I showed her photos of last year and how I wanted it etc…

Eventually I was ready to go and after having a couple glasses of prosecco at my best friend’s place we both headed to the event location where we met a lot of our former classmates again. It was, overall, a fun night even if not quite as packed as last year (which was a bummer!). But anyway it was great seeing so many people and teachers again, chatting about what has happened since last year – what in most cases, turned out to be a lot!

To conclude, here are some of my favorite shots of this look, which I took before heading to my friend’s house. Enjoy!





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