Wishlist: Spring 2016

Hi there! Let me ask you something: have you updated your spring wardrobe yet? Well, to be honest I’m a little lagging behind on that one… and I’m hoping I’m not the only one! But at least I have some ideas of what I’d like to be wearing and showing off this season. And that’s exactly what I will be presenting you in this post. What about you? Maybe you’ll spot your new favorite below!

Continue reading to find out more about the single products below & to shop them directly from this post!

Screenshot 2016-04-28 10.27.24

Screenshot 2016-04-28 14.31.46

  1. Romy Medium Leather Backpack by Michael Kors
  2. Frilled Top by ZARA
  3. Pleated Maxi Skirt by Urban Outfitters
  4. White Marble iPhone case by Casetify
  5. Silver Ear Buds by Phunkee Tree
  6. Lip Gloss by Bobbi Brown
  7. Gym Bag by ban.do
  8. White Ripped Jeans by Annine Bing
  9. ERIKA CLASSIC Sunglasses by Ray Ban
  10. Platform Sandal Espadrilles by See By Chloé
  11. Gold Body Necklace by Ivyrevel

I’ve recently come across Spring, a NYC fashion company that features more than 800 brands. They have an incredibly great amount of pretty stuff and my focus lay especially on their accessories store. I have included the sunglasses and the phone case from that section, and the jeans and skirt from their clothing store. What also fascinated me was their beauty department which offers literally everything your heart desires, and in that moment my heart desired Bobbi Brown lip glosses! 🙂 But most importantly of all, they also offer products for men and children!

But what to say about the wishlist in general? The pieces on there are things I have either spotted in shopping windows or online in the past few weeks. Of course there’s even more that’s on my imaginary list but for your and my wallet’s sake I cut it down to the basics.

The little rebel I am I will not follow the numbers and start with the Jeans. I gotta admit, I cheated on those a little because I already bought a pair of plain ones last week but, still, I really like those with the ripped knees and will keep them in mind for the future.

The espadrilles and top I stumbled upon when I was doing research for one of my previous posts, the Spring Trends 2016 Overview. Both, the shoe style and denim overall are trending a lot these days which is why I thought that I should stock up on those. And besides, poth pieces look incredibly stunning!

The backpack is on the very top of my list. I first spotted it online but didn’t really give it a second glance… until I saw it in persona at a store one day. I’m usually not a fan of backpacks not to mention of such small ones but this example has something about it that made me change my opinion. It looked great when I wore it and the only fact holding me back from immediately buying it is that I’m rather broke, haha!

The other bag in the picture will hopefully be my newgym companion as soon as possible! Not only do I love the color, but most of all the typo on it – this could be so me! And the silver ear buds go along with it perfectly. I’m ready to hit the gym with those two newbies!

Matching in color with the bag is the pleated maxiskirt from Urban Outfitters which looks so adorable that I don’t find it necessary to add any more to that. I’m sure you understand what I mean!

And lastly, the body chain from Ivyrevel. I’ve been wanting to get one since last summer and will definitely do so for this upcoming beach season. I think they’re a great statement during summer, making cropped tops look more elegant. I will definitely keep you posted on that one!

And that was it! How do you like my choices? Is there something among them that you would like to have too? Let me know in a comment and stay tuned for more!



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