Outfit | Boyfriends in Italy

No boyfriend, no problem – you say? I really can’t agree! I took mine on my last trip to Italy and it was the best idea ever! …wait, we’re talking about jeans, right? [including Shop this look! section]


Spring, where have you gone? I admit it, I got fooled by typical april-weather. The sunshine and warmer temperatures got my hopes all up only to crash them the next day with rain and digits below O°C…

On days like this I like to skim through pictures and catch up on outfit posts. And happily I have found the following photos from my last trip to Como, Italy, and my beloved pair of boyfriend jeans.

Yep, I’ve told you about my love for this pair of jeans a couple of posts ago already. And today I want to show you a totally different way of styling them!

Due to limited space in my little cabin luggage I had to get creative and instead of bringing another pair of pants I simply went for another pair of shoes! But let me talk about those a little more:

One day during christmas break I saw them in a shopping window and it was love at first sight. I touched them, I tried them on, I looked at the price – and saw that they were on sale too! I normally don’t believe in fate but these shoes and I were just meant to be!

So anyway, it’s needless to say that I bought them. But as so often, I had them sitting at home and never really got the chance to wear them. Until that day! We have to get rid of the idea that heels should and can only be worn with dresses or skirts. I think they look great with jeans as well! And worn with boyfriend jeans it really gives you a great breach of style. Lucky me also had a matching knit to wear it with.

I really think this is one of my favorite outfits so far and I’m definitely going to wear it more often once it gets warmer again! 🙂


Shop this look!


Blouse: Abercrombie&Fitch

Knit: Abercrombie&Fitch

Boyfriends: ZARA

Heels: ALDO

Necklace: ZARA

Sunglasses: Double Agent USA

Purse: Vintage Chanel

Funfact: 80% of my photos turn out to be goofy ones, I don’t like making serious faces on photos and I also don’t think I’m too great at it. So here’s two of my favorites that usually wouldn’t have made it!


As usual, thanks for stopping by! Please let me know what you think about the Outfit and photos in the comment section. Stay tuned!



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