Spring Trends 2016: Overview

Happy sunday y’all! It’s already been spring for a little while but to me, just lately, it also finally starts to feel like it: warmer weather, birds singing, flowers blooming, noses running… (raise your hand if you’re allergic to pollen! (We’re in this together, fellas)).

And besides the obligatory runs to the pharmacy and the flower shop, there’s another must do straight away: It’s time to re-organize our wardrobes and enhance it with this season’s must haves. And to make sure that we’re all on the same page and up to date in this fashion world, I created this compact trend overview for you! So grab notebook and pencil and start scribbling your shopping list!

Screenshot 2016-04-05 12.08.50.png


1. All Suede Everything

Suede – that flowy, really thin, really soft, raw leather-like material – could already be spotted here and there past fall season. What has really taken off were these front-buttoned skirts that where worn by many fashion bloggers past seasons and that will probably find their way back to spring wardrobes as well. And apparently Suede’s supposed to be back big time in the stores, too! I’m really curious about it and researched some potential looks:


2. White Button Down

Something else I’m looking forward to, since I’m a huge fan of white blouses and button down shirts! Anyway the designers didn’t keep it plain and simple (who would have thought?) but stepped the game up a little further and created some of the below examples. I’m not sure if I’d wear these extravagant designs but as already mentioned above, I’ll have to try and find out. Most probably I’ll just stick to my basic and classic ones though.

Colors & Patterns

3. #TBT: Victorian Age

Something else that didn’t really go unnoticed in the last Spring/Summer Fashionweeks were the puffy sleeves, the overload on flowers and high necklines. ELLE compares it to the Victorian Age which seems pretty accurate. Get ready for cute pastels!

4. Habla Español?

Because Spain has found a way to creep into this years Spring fashion! Hints of their culture and tradition can be found at many designer’s new collections, from bold red hues to toreador-esque flourishes.

Styles and Cuts

5. Off the shoulder – again!

This was something that made me especially happy hearing about since I’ve embraced last year’s off-the-shoulder trend with everything I am. However the game for this season changed a little bit and the big designers trusted in bringing back the X-neckline. This isn’t new to me and yet I’ll have to find out whether I’m a person who can pull this off or should better stay clear of it!


6. Paperbag waists

Something that has always sort of existed in the background but no one really felt brave enough to get their hands on. While I, personally, don’t question the fashionability of them I really worry about the shape and how they will make your body look. I could imagine that they only match with a certain type of body and of course, a certain type of style. So what do you think? Could you rock this trend or rather not?


7. Espadrilles

In connection to the Spanish influences also Espadrilles have found their way back onto the store shelves, yay! I LOVE Espandrilles and have already gotten a pair of metallic golden ones last year – which will not stop me from getting even more pairs this season. Here’s a couple inspirations of what we can expect seeing in the shopping windows:


8. Block Heel Sandals

Block Heel Sandals have always been kinda around, but sort of got lost in other rising trends. This spring season, though, everything shall be different and they finally got their own spotlight. Whether for formal events or combined casually with jeans, they’re the thing to wear on your feet this season! (Besides Espadrilles, of course. Don’t forget about them. Please.)


I hope this little overview was helpful to you! Now tell me: What Trend are you the most excited about? Tell me in a comment and stay tuned!



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