PONYDRY Review [+Giveaway]


“Tired of washing your long hair, blow-drying and re-styling over and over again, when really just the roots need washing? With PONYDRY you can keep the length of your hair dry while you wash where it counts… the roots.” (PonyDry)

These lines are the first thing you read when you go to PonyDry’s website. And to me, they sounded pretty convincing!

Which woman does not know the struggle of having to wash and style her long hair while the lengths and especially the tips are getting more and more damaged, dry and broken?

The concept of PonyDry is simple: You stuff the lengths of your hair in a waterproof bag and then seal it, so you only have to wash the hair lying on your scalp.

In addition, it’s supposed to be working on any type of hair, whether it’s thick, thin, curly or flat… it even works on afros!

I have to admit: I loved the idea behind PonyDry but was not completely convinced of whether it would work or not… until one day I found it sitting in my mailbox and could try it out myself.

How does it work?

I’m glad that you ask! 😉 A PonyDry is basically a water-resistant, black bag… It looks rather simple – but I swear, it works magic! Here’s a step by step description:

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Before getting in the shower (and washing your hair) you’re supposed to put your hair in a high ponytail and simply pull the bag over your lenghts.

Once that’s done you pull it closed and twist it around the base of your ponytail into a bun, then secure it.

And all you really have to do now is getting in the shower and washing your roots. As soon as you get out you leave your PonyDry on and blow-dry your hair, then you’ll pull it off.

And ta-daa! Your hair looks fresh again, with minimum effort. You’re welcome, as PonyDry would say.

If you still can’t imagine how this is supposed to work then have a look at this very useful and detailed Video on their website.

But does it really work?

I was skeptical in the beginning, but most of all just very curious. I had a lot of fun using PonyDry and once I got the hang of putting it on I got done with my hair quicker and quicker.

And now, after almost 2 months of using, I can confirm that yes, it totally works. Read the many benefits of PonyDry below!

 Why should you use PonyDry?

There are several reasons why I would recommend you this product:

  1. First, and most important of all, it saves you a lot of time.Especially for me, not being a morning person, PonyDry came in very handy in the mornings when I hit the Snooze button a little too often.
    In my experience, washing my hair with PonyDry cut down my hair-styling time by at least a half (I still like to take my time showering) – but when I am in a real hurry I can also get done in under 10 minutes.
  2. Further, it reduces your hair damage – BIG time. I’ve always had sort of dry hair, and regularly dyeing it blonde really doesn’t help the cause. But I’ve experienced that ever since using PonyDry my hair has become smoother, shinier and doesn’t get as frizzy anymore. Plus, the color of my hair stays natural longer, as it doesn’t have to endure as many washings anymore.
  3. Consider it as the better alternative to Dry Shampoo. Sure, I’ve been using Dry Shampoo for the greater part of the past years too, but in the end it only makes your hair look cleaner and not even for a whole day… It really can’t compare to the feeling of freshly washed hair and certainly not to the look of it!
  4. It is affordable. PonyDry only costs 19.99$, which really isn’t much when I think about the amount of money I have spent on Dry Shampoo in the past. You can reuse PonyDry over and over again and do not only save on time and water but also on shampoo and conditioner. PonyDry is a great investment!
  5. It is small, light and practical. I like to take PonyDry to the Gym. No one really wants to spend hours in the changing rooms, styling their hair after an exhausting workout.  But with PonyDry I’m done in no time and since it’s so compact I will totally take it on holidays or sleepovers with me too!

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now and start to “shower like you have short hair”!

Enter the PonyDry Giveaway NOW!

At this point I’d like to thank PonyDry not only for sending me one of their products, but also for including a second one to give out to one lucky follower of mine… and that might be you!


Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Go to my Instagram profile (alice_bogni) and search for the PonyDry Giveaway post.
  2. Like the photo
  3. Tag your bestie or any other friend(s) that might love to win a PonyDry! (Has to be at least one person)
  4. By following both of the above steps, you’re officially in!

The contest will end next Saturday at midnight and the winner will be announced in a new post on Instagram. So make sure to follow me so you won’t miss if you’ve won!

Good luck! 🙂

(Contest open for international users in any country! No hidden costs, I will pay for your shipping. Usernames will be put in an online generator which will randomly pick a winner. I do not assume any liability. This is not an official contest but a kindness of PonyDry and me.)



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