3 ways to rock FAUX FUR

Our hair is not the only thing that went “granny” this year! After the trend that had us all seriously consider dying our hair greyish (even if it was just for a split second, just admit it) comes the jump right into grandma’s closet.

Whether it’s hats, jackets of other fancy accessories, faux fur is all over the web, catwalks and blogs right now. Coming in all different patterns and styles, faux fur celebrates a huge comeback and is the trend to rock this winter season!

Personally, I’m finding myself falling more and more in love with this trend. And for that reason I’m gonna show you my 3 favorite ways to wear and style faux fur, including inspirations from myself and other bloggers!



1. The accessory for the accessory

If you feel like your handbag isn’t accessory enough already here’s the ultimate way to step up your game further: a fur tassel. I got mine one at a small boutique in my hometown and had such a hard time picking one out! They come in all different colours and sizes, sometimes even multicolored.

My advice: Pick one as neutral as possible, at least when it is your fist purchase. I chose mine because I thought that it’ll work well with pretty much all the purses I own. If you buy a screaming yellow one for example, your choices are rather limited. But then again: tastes differ! Just keep in mind which handbags you own and pick out the best alternative.

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2. The scarf

The fur scarf is the perfect alternative for the transition periods or mild winter days. Usually most of the winter coats nowadays have fur on their hoods and in that case I would let my hands off the scarves. Combined in the right way they add a classy touch to your appearance and they keep you warm too!

My advice: Wear them with a cute knit, a leather jacket or a simple coat to slowly melt into spring/winter fashion.


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3. Jackets, vests and ponchos

I admit it, this is something I had to get used to. And I’m still not liking the chunky, huge jackets. But what I like wearing on the other hand are the simpler styles, as seen in my photos below. It is the perfect way to set a statement in a not too exagerated way.

My advice: The jacket itself is a huge eyecatcher and it doesn’t matter what size or colour it is. So don’t go out too much on terms of your jewellery or shoes and focus on a nice watch for example. Keep it classy and simple, otherwise people won’t know where to look at first!

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Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned!




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