OUTFIT: Vienna MQ Fashion week .15

Fashion week is over and with it so many other events that came along with that happening. One example for those is the Zalando Pop-Up store that took place in Viennas World Museum.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to a Runway Show due to lack of time but I DID make it to the Zalando event which I’ll tell you about in this post. Oh, and about my outfit of course. šŸ˜‰ Enjoy!


About the Event

Zalando is a German online shop for fashion, shoes and accessories. For promotion and marketing purposes they opened a showroom with their best, newest and most exclusive pieces. And the cool part: you could shop them directly there, online! The whole thing lastet 3 days and they’ve set up a bar and coffee stand, a photo booth, there was a DJ and all afternoon long they had interesting speeches going on, mostly about the ongoing media trends, blogging and fashion.

It was a great idea and a good realization of the concept. The staff was very friendly and the location stunning! You’ll see photos of it below!

Anyway, the only thing I missed was something “affordable”. The clothes and accessories were beautiful – they set up different racks, each one presenting a different style and taste for fashion. But here’s the catch: The stuff was pricy. But it’s not that it really bothered bothered me, in my opinion that’s just not what Zalando stands for. They also sell expensive clothes but (at least to me) they’re not a high end shop. Maybe they’re trying to change their image or attract new clients – who knows! And I really hope that they reached whatever goal they set for themselves! The problem probably was that I didn’t know what to exactly expect once I got there. Well, except for the fashion and coffee. You know what I mean!

Afterwards I went for a drink with my Mom. You could say it was a well spent afternoon!

But enough about that. Here’s the rest of the photos!

thumb_DSC_3343_1024 thumb_DSC_3374_1024 thumb_DSC_3385_1024 thumb_DSC_3391_1024 thumb_DSC_3443_1024 thumb_DSC_3416_1024 thumb_DSC_3409_1024 thumb_DSC_3414_1024 thumb_DSC_3398_1024 thumb_DSC_3397_1024 thumb_DSC_3408_1024 thumb_DSC_3471_1024 thumb_DSC_3329_1024 thumb_DSC_3336_1024 thumb_DSC_3331_1024

Cozy sweater, leggings, blanket scarf, black leather boots, ring, necklace, bracelet: MANGO / Bag: PRADA /
Glasses: Double Agent

About the outfit

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the bottom! *throw confetti*  I know it’s many photos in this post but there was simply no way to reduce them. I swear!

But however, I’ve only recently discovered my unconditional love for the brand MANGO. I’ve never paid attention to it in the past years, thinking that they only sell clothes for office and business people. How wrong I was! Of course there’s a lot of office styles as well but the variety of fashion in there is brighter and broader than ever! And since I’m working in an office too now I frequently pay their “suit collection” a visit as well.

As luck would have it they opened a huge new store in Milan so, clearly, I couldn’t hold myself back and that’s where I got this complete outfit! Not only does it combine so many of this season’s fashion trends, it is also super-duper (oh god, I really just said this) comfortable! What do you think? Have you been at the Zalando pup-up store as well? Or maybe even a fashion week event? Put it in the comments below! šŸ™‚

Upcoming: This weekend we’ll leave for Greece and I am so excited about it!

Therefore: Stay tuned!


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