OUTFIT: Here comes Milan! (Day 2)

Home sweet home! Well, at least the country is the right one. But since we travel to Milano so often I‘m really starting to feel homely here (which is not really hard considering the beautiful sites of the city and the many possibilities to shop, eat and, well, shop). If you‘ve ever been to Milan as well then you know what I mean! If you‘re looking for the latest fashiontrends and must-haves of the season you‘ll definitely find them here…

OUTFIT: Here comes Milan!

The funny thing about Milan is that you don‘t even have to read magazines or go window shopping to know what’s “in” because everyone’s already wearing it. And people living in Milan don‘t care if it‘s 30°C outside – if ponchos are what you wear these days then that‘s what they‘ll wear! It’s as simple as that. And they earned my respect for it.

So anyway – whenever we visit our dad or grandparents (who live in the area as well) we always make sure to pay Milan a visit and stop by for a shopping-day. And that‘s exactly what we did on this recent trip as well. And let me tell you: my suitcase is exploding! But not only that, I also had to bring an extra bag with more stuff that I shopped in the cabin because once you go to Milan, you go crazy.

As soon as I get home I‘ll have a „Milan shopping haul“ ready for you guys because I can‘t wait to show you all the stuff I got for the upcoming season! But for now I hope you like my shopping outfit. And no, the shoes where not uncomfortable to walk in all day long! That‘s true! And I’m only saying this because my dad didn‘t believe me. 😉

OUTFIT: Here comes Milan!

OUTFIT: Here comes Milan! OUTFIT: Here comes Milan! OUTFIT: Here comes Milan!

Maxi skirt: GUESS / Top: Aeropostale / Wedges: Buffalo / Necklace & Bracelets: New1 / Glasses: Ray Ban /
Bag: Louis Vuitton SPEEDY

Some other shots of the day:

OUTFIT: Here comes Milan! OUTFIT: Here comes Milan! OUTFIT: Here comes Milan!

It’s said to bring you good luck when you put your heel on the “best parts” of the bull mosaik in the galeria and then make a full turn around yourself. It’s always worth a try, right? 🙂

Stay tuned!


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