Lunch @ Lusthaus

As some of you know, I took a few days off work earlier this week, which meant lots of girl-time for my Mom and me. After some consideration we figured that we wanted to go out to have lunch but didn’t want to go too far. So we ended up at the Lusthaus in the famous Viennese Prater, a large green area. In this post I will tell you a little bit more about the location and how I liked it there.

Lunch @ Lusthaus

The location

Journey back in time

The Lusthaus is located right next to the famous racecourse “Freudenau” which is so old that even the Austrian royals back in the days went there to watch the races and bet on horses. And – obviously – watching such a race makes you hungry, so where to go to eat? At the Lusthaus, of course! So as you can see this place has a lot of history to it and I swear that you can feel it too when you sit there, sipping on your coke in the 21st century.

It has the shape of a Pavillon and about 3 floors. The lower floor is the official restaurant / coffeehouse and has a nice little terrace you can sit on when the weather is nice. The upper 2 floors have large dining rooms you can rent for several occasions. (The waiters actually allowed us to go upstairs and have a look! You can see the photos along with the outfit I wore that day here! 🙂 )

Food & Drinks

Lunch @ Lusthaus

The Lusthaus offers a bright variety of food. The choices are many and they’re mainly austrian dishes. It made it really hard for me to settle on something but I ended up ordering a very traditional Wiener Schnitzel. My Mom had the liver with polenta. And both couldn’t have tasted better! Seriously, only my grandmother could enter the competition, and that has to mean something because her Schnitzel is pretty darn good as well! 🙂

After that we were way too full to have dessert even if I regrettet not getting one anyway. They had some nice cakes on display at the bar!

There’s not so much to say about the drinks. We only ordered a coke and soda. They offer the typical Softdrinks, Beers and Wines – unfortunately I didn’t take a close enough look at it to tell you more details about them…

All in all

Even though they forgot about my cooled cucumber soup (which they apologized for a thousand times) I really liked it there. The whole interior has been kept the way it has always been and it takes you on a timetraveling experience when you visit the place. The prices were okay as well – not too expensive at all, other than I expected it to be. (Sometimes we pay more for dinner at the chinese place right around the corner of our street.)

I guess you can say that it is a cute little place with a lot of flair to it. I wish the horse racingtrack would’ve been open as well, but unfortunately it wasn’t a race day.

Stay tuned for more!



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