Outfit: A journey back in time

Happy friday guys! I hope you’re doing well! As for my part: I took some days off earlier this week – which was really needed! The sun was coming out again and I’ve never welcomed the warmth as much as on that day. Sitting in the office all day long kind of isolated me from getting any summerfeelings this year.

Journey back in time

Journey back in time

Welcome to the Galery of twirls:

Journey back in time

Dress: SheIn / Shoes: Buffalo / Bracelets: Thomas Sabo / Bag: Louis Vuitton POCHETTE

My Mom and me decided to have some girls-time and went out for lunch at the Lusthaus in Vienna (Food post coming soon!).

I didn’t know what to expect of the place since I’ve never been there but I was not disappointed. It is one of these places that look small from the outside but turn out to be bigger than you thought once you enter the building – have you ever experienced something like that or have you no idea what I’m talking about right now?

Anyway, it’s such a neat place and already the austrian emperors enjoyed eating there after having watched a horse race at the racetrack right next door. And it can be seen! …What I mean with that? The place is old! And that’s what I love about Vienna. Wherever you go, you can feel the history. So many of the buildings have been standing in their place for over hundreds of years now and having a coffee and cake at one of the many antique coffeehouses makes it able for you to escape your daily life for a second and be taken back in time. Do you know a city or place that makes you feel the same way?

But however, without even knowing, I feel like I chose the right dress for the scenery. I just wanted to wear something light and flowy and ended up fitting right in there. That’s what I call a lucky coincidence! 🙂

For more information on the location you’ll have to wait for the foodpost – so stay tuned for that one!



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