Summer festival survival guide (part 2) – Downloadable packing list

Hi guys! 🙂
It’s finally done! I finished the packing list and am ready to share it with you in this post. That’s probably what most of you have been waiting for, so here you go!

You have to know: I’m one of those people who are constantly writing lists. Gone grocery shopping? Need a list! Planning a new blog post? Write a list!  Lists everywhere! And you have no idea how happy that makes me. There’s just so much satisfaction in listing all the things you need to get or do and then slowly crossing them off one at a time. You’re probably thinking of what a weirdo I am right now, aren’t you? But hey, I know that there are at least some among you who can relate to this, aren’t there? Speak up! 🙂

For the most part, the list I shared with you is also the list that I rely on. Anyway I applied some changes and left certain stuff out or blank, so you can add the things that you like most. Further it’s not too long and kept rather basic, which is why you won’t find stuff like electronic devices or games on there. This I left to you.
And forgive me if I forgot anything even if I’m pretty sure I got everything covered (except special needs such as contact lenses etc. since I don’t need them!).

I can’t wait to share my Festival experience with you! Do you have any other insider-tipps as for what to pack? Or did I forget to put anything on the list? Let me know! 🙂

Click below to get to the downloadable PDF file:

Ultimate music festival packing list!

Enjoy and stay tuned!



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